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Sunflower Discount Grocery Liquidation Outlet

Wow! We came in here tonight and I was blown away! I volunteer at a food pantry so I know first hand that a best by date doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot eat it past that date, it’s merely a suggestion. We bought lots of things! The retail price on what we got was $96.31 but we only paid $37.44! I was so excited. The store is set up nicely and it’s very organized. They have a lot of gluten free and vegan options which is what I’m in the market for! I got a great vegan protein power for 12 bucks retail 27! If you’re looking to save money and eat good this is your place. Beware of the 1 ⭐️ reviews, this place hold up to its standards far past the 1 ⭐️ reviews. Give it a try for yourself and see! The staff is also fantastic. Really nice and personable. It was a great experience all around! 12/10! Will definitely be back!

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Nature’s Food Patch Market & Café

Nature’s Food Patch Market & Café

I can tell you that this has been my health food grocer favorite for decades. I was shopping 40years ago at their little teeny store at the top of the hill on Cleveland Street. Since moving and expanding to rhe current location, it just gets better. I shop there and I dine there. The side cafe area is phenom for choosing something to eat and relaxing and enjoying every bite in the cafe. I also buy makeup, clothing, and most all of my supplements there. They always have knowledgeable staff members on the floor to help and they never seem bothered for asking for help.