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Vacation Rental Consulting

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In the market for a vacation rental property?

As seasoned investors ourselves we’re not surprised.  In the United States alone vacation rentals are projected to generate $19.3 Billion dollars in 2023. The forecasted occupancy rate of those vacation rentals is projected to be 56.4% , significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels.

StayDream Vacations is here to help ensure your success through a lasting strategic partnership.  With proper planning and design, we can help you exceed the 75+ percentile ensuring a maximum cash on cash return so that you can continue to grow your portfolio.

Consulting Services Include:

Discuss potential goals, markets, review available properties and provide insights into key factors to consider during your search ensuring your success.

Create an action plan for property improvements, furnishing and additional amenities to maximize revenue.
Analyze deals with revenue projections to determine Cash on Cash & Profitability. Our detailed calculator includes costs such as mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utility costs as well as our vacation rental management fees.
Utilize our partner network including personally screened investment focused realtors, contractors, lenders, and insurance agents.
In market assistance providing onsite coverage of activities as needed.

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